I grew up on a small farm on the east side of Michigan. I was born in Detroit, but when I was six, my dad built a huge house in the country and we moved away from the city. On our farm, everyday was an adventure for my sister, brother, and me! In the spring, the ditch out by the road filled up with tadpoles, and every year we watched them turn into frogs. We had a little house full of chickens out back, where we would gather eggs for breakfast. We brought some of the eggs inside and put them under incubator lamps, and watched them hatch into baby chicks! We fed pigs that would one day feed us. We rode horses down the dirt roads, and went fishing under bridges. Every fall we helped pick beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. My mother canned everything that we couldn’t eat right away and put it in the pantry. Our parents taught us about life and nature on the farm, and my love of nature is what has me inspired me as an artist today.


Let’s build something together.

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