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Bird Bath

I love what I do!

Last summer at a friend’s family reunion, the hostess asked me to take photos.  I hardly knew anyone at the party so I decided to explore the garden after I got photos of the guests. It was huge – it filled most of the yard.


I was in awe!  This, I knew, was her passion. There were benches scattered throughout, statues, even a chandelier hanging from a tree!


I got eye to eye with a frog and took his picture as he smiled back at me with dirt and grass stuck to his face.

Frog Face

Bees buzzed around the flowers, their legs and furry little bodies drenched with pollen.


Occasionally the family dog came to find me and I stopped to play Frisbee with her.


I couldn’t wait to sort thru the images when I got home! Using my favorite shots I created a book with one of those online publishers and I sent a copy to the hostess with a thank you note. Soon I got a letter back from her – she loved the book and the photos! She thanked me for making it look like a “Better Home and Gardens” garden.

Frog Pond

She said that she forgets day to day how beautiful it is, that the upkeep sometimes just makes it a daily chore. In my photos she saw the masterpiece she had created. What a great compliment!  I was in awe of her work, and she saw the beauty of it in my work.